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Up-front OEM Disclosure

We are finish service providers. We cater to industry instrument builders first and foremost. We provide confidential pricing for those who we qualify as OEM. This means, in general, we do 4 or more per month for you. We understand your need for quick turn times and we do our absolute best to accommodate you.

General Public Servicing

Because there are so many options we offer, there would be a massive amount of information to publish on this website and it would be difficult to read. If you need finish for your project, please email us with what you think you would like and let us help you determine what is best before discussing pricing. We do not want you to assume you can't afford this. To start, we need to know what woods are involved. Body and a neck? We offer package deals on a combo. We also need to determine expectations on the outcome. Many projects start out one way and end up different after some counseling. 

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