Available Finishes

NOS Nitrocellulose Lacquer

High gloss NOS (New Old Stock) classic instrument lacquer that is super slick and shiny. 100% nitro from the first coat to the last. Cut and buffed to as perfect as humanly possible. Since this is lacquer, it has all the best tonal properties available but at a cost of durability. Susceptible to scratches, cracks, dents, dings, and faded colors over time, extreme care should be taken with this finish. But, if tone is your concern, this is the finest finish you can buy for your instrument. 

Ready 2 Relic Lacquer

Our true-to-vintage 100% nitrocellulose lacquer option, this is the same stuff we use to do our relic finishes. This is the thinnest lacquer application we can provide and, as such, has a lot of the vintage finish properties: grain sink, rougher top coat, fine scratches. This finish also has very little plasticizers and will absolutely weather check, sometimes during production. It is a finish we intend to be aged/antiqued. 

Acrylic Urethane

This option combines a Polyester sealer with the best automotive urethane clear topcoat we can buy. It has impact resistance and UV protectant so you can relax about dents and dings and your colors will stay true. Colors are unlimited as we have a library of all the standard guitar colors combined with any automotive color we can get the code for.


Because it's tough as nails, has deep high gloss and is quick to get through production, this is the OEM choice for most factories.We use the exact same brand and finish schedule. Identical in application to our urethane option except the top coat is Polyester instead. Main difference is this is a much harder finish, a little thicker and has a little less UV protection. This one will look outstanding forever.

Satin Option

All of our finishes can be offered in a matte/satin sheen as an option. Nitro is around a 20 sheen and the urethane we use is around 5. The nitro will polish out to a semi gloss over time as it is just an additive to the gloss lacquer that knocks it down. The urethane, however, is a special automotive clear coat that is designed to be able to withstand regular wear and tear on your vehicle. It's super slick on necks and is durable as can be. Same stuff on those flat Lambos you see driving around. 

Oil Finishes

We have a few options available, the most common is the Tru-Oil/Wax. It's good if you like the feel of raw wood but need it sealed so it doesn't turn green after a few weeks of use. Very little protection but it is easily repairable at home.