Starr's Talent Pool

Kip Elder, Owner, luthier, paint commando

Kip started playing guitar at 11 while living in Europe. After returning stateside, he took his first real guitar, Japanese Strat copy, apart to see how it ticked and refinished it a couple years later in home's garage. Bitten by the luthier bug, he learned as much as possible over the next few years before starting Starr Guitars in an apartment. A touring musician through the 90s, he made the leap to guitar builder in the early 2000s and has been plying the trade ever since. He occasionally still performs live with some of his old bandmates.

Ken Hountz, owner, business minder

Business partner, musician, listener, consultant, financial advisor to Starr and to hundreds of clients for a large financial firm, Ken's financial and business background are a solid compliment to Kip's craftwork.  Over a decade of working together as friends and colleagues, they have built a solid foundation for Starr Guitars to stand on. Ken is both a music lover and a passionate guitar player and his love of the guitar itself is what brought him to the fold.  


We have outstanding talent that assist in our day to day operations.

Hard Rock Vault video

One of Kip's many trips to tech at Hard Rock Vault. We made sure that some of the most iconic rockstar guitars were still up to snuff and ready for action, even if they are just for display now. My pal, Jeff Nolan, and I exploring the cool.

HRC Hendrix guitars

What can I say. Please to enjoy...



Vintage Guitar magazine

I had a nice article written about me in the May 2017 VG wherein we discussed my role as restoration tech for the Hard Rock's guitar collection. It's part of an ongoing series about the amazing pieces of guitar history HRC owns.