Frequently Asked Questions


Does the finish affect the tone?

This is a time-tested argument that never really gets answered. Nitro is much thinner in application and is based on cellulose, same stuff that makes wood. Polyester is plastic and is applied thick so it looks pretty. Does anyone really hear the difference? Depends. How good is your hearing?  I would argue that there is a dampening effect when you apply a thicker finish, of any type, to an instrument. Does that focus the tone or squash some frequencies? It has to. But does that make said instrument sound less superior to another? I say no, it just makes it unique. I have seen that putting any finish on a guitar changes its sound. I would weigh my desired results, tone vs. looks, when deciding on what type to buy. 

You guys are kind of expensive compared to other shops I've seen on the Internet.

Maybe so. We use the best materials we can get and they are expensive and every year they get a little more so. Also, we have a shop in the USA that costs a lot to operate. Our pricing is as low as we can go for the quality of product we give you. Sure, we could care less, charge less, deliver less. But, that's not us. Never has been, never will be. If you are a price-point shopper, please look elsewhere. We are a results-driven shop and offer a premium service for a premium price. We also take credit cards so you can finance your purchase if that helps take some of the sting out.

What is the turnaround time?

This depends on many factors. Mostly, it depends on what's already here when your projects arrive. We strive for quick turnaround but we operate on first in-first-out scheduling so if a builder has 30 pieces here, we have to get through them to get to the next batch. If you have any concerns about time, please contact us prior to shipping.

Will you take my guitar apart and re-assemble after painting.

No. We are so busy doing paint work that we don't really have time to do this. You can do it yourself or have the local repair shop assist. We need only the parts to be painted, anything else is unnecessary and requires storage and handling. Help us help you.

Do you still do finish restoration work?

Yes, we still enjoy restoring vintage pieces and giving them a new lease on life. We have the tools and technology to resurrect instruments that have been refinished poorly to vintage correct colors and can artfully age them to match hardware and/or original remaining finish. We can do these only as time allows but please contact us to see if we can assist you.

Do you do setups?

Sorry, but no. We stopped doing repairs years ago.